Bypassing Security Defenses «

Bypassing Security Defenses


It is continuously becoming harder to circumvent the security controls on externally facing systems and gain full access to the internal network. With the different types of technologies, hardening techniques, and detection; the job of a penetration tester continues to get more advanced.

This course is designed to teach advanced techniques in order to bypass security defenses, gain access to an organization, and further penetrate into the network. The course is designed to teach individuals that have little to no penetration testing and build them up in an effective way.

Learn the techniques, tricks, and secrets from the author of the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) and one of the top penetration testers.

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What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Fundamental penetration testing concepts and an overview on methodologies and techniques.
  • Basics of open-source tools and technologies and understanding attack avenues.
  • Understanding of the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) and advanced features.
  • Bypassing security technologies such as whitelisting/blacklisting, anti-virus, and other preventative measures.
  • Develop a solid understanding of penetration testing techniques and tricks of the trade.
  • High-level development concepts of Python and basics to programming.
  • Creating your own exploits and tools in Python and utilizing them in attack vectors.
  • An understanding of post exploitation and utilizing different tools and technologies in order to further penetrate a network.
  • Hands on demonstrations, real world examples, and complete hands on with each of the phases of the course.


The course is designed for beginner and intermediate levels. Basic concepts of Linux and maneuvering in Linux is required.


Code samples, vulnerable applications, copy of the Metasploit: The Penetration Testers Guide book, anti-virus safe payloads, custom tools, and more.


The students must have a machine loaded with VMWare Workstation or VMWare Fusion (no other virtualization solutions will be provided). A custom Compliant Companies Linux distribution with penetration testing tools will be provided to the class.