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Full Time Employment (permanent placement)

The Value of Retained and Exclusive Searches

A retained search is the most efficient manner of filling a key position with the best qualified candidate. There are key differences between retained and contingent searches, and certainly the firms that provide these different services. A retained search is conducted with a higher level of commitment, exclusivity and mutual trust. We fill more than 90% of all retained searches we accept.

Here’s why:

1. We dedicate resources to work only on the retained position, until the position is filled. You will have exclusivity of presented candidates through the entire interview process. We will not submit them to other companies.

2. We will contractually agree to a timeline with milestones for candidate submission, interview process, feedback, tendering of the offer, and closure date of the position. We will work on the position until it is filled. We further find that incorporating tangible guidelines is an impetus for both parties to partner efficiently and fill the position(s) quickly.

Why are contingent searches less successful in producing the very best candidates?

1. Most recruiters that only work on contingent searches may have ten to twenty open positions simultaneously. Stretching the recruiter’s workday to ten hours, and dividing his/her search time equally, yields only thirty minutes to one hour per day recruiting on your behalf! This process is less likely to find and recruit the most qualified candidates in the market — who are typically not actively looking.

2. A recruiter on a contingent search may place between twenty and one hundred calls on your behalf. With no further commitment from the client, the recruiter will likely move on to the next position, one which is hopefully easier to fill. Is this the service solution you require to fill a critical position?
Don’t Settle for Second Best.

As we pursue our mission, we seek out clients that truly recognize the value of fostering a long term relationship with their customers, and have built their success upon superior performance, trust, reliability and creativity.

Good things happen when top candidates are introduced to top companies. Sales increase, training expenses decrease, and retention increases.

Profits increase.