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Telecommunications Services

Compliant Companies strives to lower these expense budgets by verifying and adjusting all rates, services and equipment where possible. This is accomplished without any risk or investment on the part of the client. We will conduct a forensic audit or physical inventory when necessary, confirm the accuracy of each billing, efficiency of all systems and services, and look for any incorrect tariff applications.

There are absolutely no interruptions to our client’s daily routine or to any of their telecom business services.

The service providers generally will not aid their customers in the re-negotiations of contracts, reconfiguration of services, or tariff analysis. Compliant Companies is well respected by the service providers and assumes this role for our clients.

Compliant Companies plays the role of an objective third party in reviewing billing and service rates. A customer’s awareness of options should not be limited due to their dependence on the service providers for explanations of policies, procedures, and the regulatory environments that directly affect the customer’s monthly recurring charges.